Gommus Lux

Gommus Lux

High-dry glossy polyurethane in the solvent phase. Technical product for material effects on various leathers.


Spread with a brush in abundance in order to create a layer on the surface, or dip the shoe or leather accessory that you want to work with. The immersion must be slow and NOT turbulent to avoid the formation of bubbles that can affect the homogeneous distribution of the product GOMMUS LUX is very dense, agitation of the product can lead to the formation of bubbles which are then difficult to degas. Leave to dry in a dry and dust-free environment. After at least 2 hours it is dust-free, but catalyzing and complete drying is obtained 24 hours later. Repeat a second time if necessary.

Available colours

On request or on our colour chart.

Aivaible sizes

1 L
5 L
10 L

This information note simply serves for non-binding consultations. We ask to adapt all the data on our products to the conditions existing from time to time on the materials used.

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