Mix of absorbent solvents, resins and conditioners. Fast operation to colour the chrome crust or chrome free dipping the leather. Excellent absorption and distribution, it doesn’t dry the leather.


Dip the leather/upper or the finish shoe in the liquid for 3/6 seconds. Let’s droppin for few minutes and hang the upper on air and don’t keep still overlapping. The mix would fix in an excellent way while for deep colors like black, red or red-blu it’s prefered to spray on a fixative. The NAUTILUS could be applied also by sponge, you need a second hand to obtain the same drop effect. After dry, brush with cotton and our CERA INVECCHIANTE and then apply on any kind of our creams.

Available colours

On request or on our colour chart.

Aivaible sizes

1 L
5 L
10 L
25 L

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