Biowax Dye

Biowax Dye

High new tecnological solution of fine and brilliant waxes melted in a mix of dyes. Usefull to paint the leather obtainig shine effects at first brushing. Possibility to use iron and brush to obtain ageing effects. While brushing with wollen and CERA CARNAUBA 1604 gives brightness.


By sponge on leather or shoe upper. Let dry the product, so brushing with cotton and our CERA DP or CERA INVECCHIANTE. To improve the brightness in finishing, use the BIOCREAM CALF MOD. At the end, brushing with cotton and CARNAUBA WAX 1604.

Available colours

On request or on our colour chart.

Aivaible sizes

1 L
5 L
10 L

This information note simply serves for non-binding consultations. We ask to adapt all the data on our products to the conditions existing from time to time on the materials used.

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